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The Oregon Death with Dignity Act has been in effect for 20 years. It has worked as intended and without flaws or any evidence of abuse or coercion.

The Oregon Health Authority monitors and enforces compliance with the Act and each February produces an annual report. According to the latest available report, 143 terminally ill patients used the Oregon law to hasten their own death in 2017.


Oregon voters approved the Death with Dignity Act at the ballot in 1994. In 1997, Oregonians reiterated their support when they defeated a ballot measure aiming to repeal the law. The Act went into into effect shortly thereafter, and implementation began in 1998. Over the 18 years since the law took effect, the State of Oregon reports over 1,500 terminally ill patients have received prescriptions for aid in dying medication, and just under 1,000 used that medication to hasten their deaths.

The Act has withstood multiple attempts to nullify it, both legislatively, in the Oregon legislature and the US Congress, and in federal courts. In 2006, US Supreme Court ruled that Oregon physicians can prescribe life-ending medication under the Act.

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Death with dignity opponents in Congress are trying to repeal the Washington D.C. Death with Dignity Act through the federal budget process. If they have their way, they’ll go on to repeal the rights of qualified terminally ill citizens in Oregon and elsewhere, and ban assisted dying nationwide. Help us win this fight. Send a letter to your U.S. Representative and Senators asking them to keep the repeal provision out of this year's spending bill.

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