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The mission of the Death with Dignity National Center is to promote Death with Dignity laws based on the model Oregon Death with Dignity Act, both to provide an option for dying individuals and to stimulate nationwide improvements in end-of-life care.

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Urge New York Legislators to Pass the Medical Aid in Dying Act

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A physician-assisted dying bill is pending in the New York state legislature. Send this letter to your legislators with a simple message: Pass A10059/S7579 to expand end-of-life options for state residents.

Declare Your Support for Death with Dignity

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Seven in ten Americans who support the end-of-life option allowing qualified terminally ill people to end their lives through physician-prescribed medications. Show your support for Death with Dignity in your community!

Tell California Senators to Pass SB 1002

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The California Senate is considering a bill that would create a toll-free line, operated by the Department of Public Health, providing information about the End of Life Option Act. Urge your state Senator to pass SB 1002!

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Victory in California: Challenge to the End of Life Option Act Denied

August 26, 2016

By George Eighmey, President It wasn’t even close. Early Friday Riverside County Superior Court Judge Daniel A. Ottolia denied the request for an injunction filed by a group of anti-choice physicians against the California End of Life Option Act. This…


Week 34/2016 in the Death with Dignity Movement

August 29, 2016

In the week from August 21 to August 28, 2016: A Riverside County Superior Court judge rejected an injunction motion against the California End of Life Option Act. The new law continues to provide terminally ill Californians with a measure…


Weeks 32 & 33/2016 in the Death with Dignity Movement

August 22, 2016

In the week from August 8 to August 21, 2016: More and more stories continued to emerge from California about the first terminally ill people using the new End of Life Option Act. A Death with Dignity bill was introduced…

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