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The Arkansas state legislature did not consider an aid in dying bill in 2020.

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Arkansas State Representative Dan Douglas (R-9) introduced HB 1536, Compassionate Care End-of-Life Option Act, on February 20, 2019. At a March 12 hearing in the Public Health Committee, the bill was not brought up for a committee vote.

This was the first time in Arkansas history the state legislature considered a death with dignity bill.


Arkansas was one of the early states to address end-of-life options through legislation. Act 879 of 1977 was largely focused on legalizing living wills and refusing “extraordinary” measures to save their life, but did contain the following language: “every person shall have the right to die with dignity.” This decades-old foundation could be built on with the right combination of advocates and brave legislators.

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The Arkansas State Legislature did not advance a death with dignity bill this session. Modeled on the Oregon Death with Dignity Act, the bill would allow qualified adult residents of Arkansas with a terminal illness to legally obtain a prescription from their physician for medications to end their life peacefully, in a dignified way, at the place and time of their choosing.