Stand with Jonathan, Advocate for Death with Dignity

Jonathan Partridge’s mother, Marcia, lived a full and vibrant life before being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This devastating illness deprived her of her autonomy, and she was left without options to end what became a slow, painful process filled with unnecessary suffering.

“I can’t imagine suffering the way she did,” Jonathan said. Death with dignity would have provided great comfort to Marcia—but New York does not have a death with dignity law.

Jonathan’s experience with his mother’s death moved him to advocate for the rights of New Yorkers with terminal illness so others can have the opportunity denied her.

You can, too.

Watch this video to hear more of Jonathan’s story:


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As Jonathan puts it, “Death with dignity isn’t just something you should live with; it’s something you should die with.”

Learn more about Jonathan and his fight for death with dignity, and share his story with your loved ones.