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The Inside Story of Hawaii’s Long Road to Victory

April 5, 2018

For nearly two decades we have worked with citizens, legislators, and leaders to bring the right to die with dignity to the people of Hawaii. From former Governor Ben Cayetano, an early champion of assisted dying, to hundreds of citizens who faithfully have worked for this cause, the passage of Death with Dignity legislation in Hawaii represents a victory that belongs to many.

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Hawaii House of Representatives Passes Death with Dignity Bill

March 6, 2018

Great news from the Aloha State! On March 6, the Hawai‘i House of Representatives passed HB 2739, Our Care Our Choice Act, a Death with Dignity bill. The 39-12 final vote not only reflects the views of the people of Hawai‘i, it makes the nation's seventh Death with Dignity law a distinct possibility.


Come Hell or High Water: Valerie Lovelace on Advocating for Death with Dignity in Maine

September 5, 2017

Val Lovelace believes that all individuals deserve the chance to have a peaceful, humane death that accords with their wishes and values. To start a conversation in her home state of Maine, she founded It’s My Death, a nonprofit dedicated to “providing services and education to people who wish to actively explore the meaning of life through embracing the certainty of death.”

State by State

A Series of Safeguards: Testimony in Support of Nevada SB 261

May 29, 2017

Throughout SB 261, just as every state has done, you will see a series of safeguards and a well-defined process to protect the patient, the health care professional, and the family—all designed to ensure that the patient is in control, acting voluntarily and able to make their own health care decisions.

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