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Hearing in Maryland Draws Passionate Testimony, Extensive Media Coverage

February 29, 2020

In the second half of February 2020:

  • Maryland lawmakers held a hearing on the End-of-Life Option Act.
  • Advocates across the U.S. voiced their support for death with dignity.


On February 28, the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee held an emotional hearing on Senate Bill 701, the End-of-Life Option Act. Here’s how media covered the newsworthy event:

Death with Dignity Executive Director Peg Sandeen testified in support of the bill. Read a transcript of her testimony here.

In the weeks leading up to the hearing, multiple op-eds from Marylanders across the state made the case for passage of the bill, modeled on Oregon’s first-in-the-nation assisted dying law.

Across the U.S.


Connecticut: “My sister-in-law died of assisted suicide: Connecticut braces for aid-in-dying bill,” Law Tribune, 2/19/2020

Florida: “She became the face of the right-to-die movement: Now her husband carries on her legacy,” Florida Today, 2/18/2020


New Hampshire: “Letter: Permit ‘Death with Dignity’ Bill,” Monadnock Ledger-Transcript, 2/26/2020

New Jersey: “She was the first to publicly ask to die under N.J. law. Then she changed her mind,”, 2/27/202

New York: “Growing support across New York State for Medical Aid in Dying Act,”, 2/21/2020

Vermont: “Woodstock man’s obituary reflects on choices about life and death,” Valley News, 2/25/2020


NOTE: Death with Dignity does not support the use of inaccurate terminology like “assisted suicide” to describe death with dignity. Read more in our “Terminology of Assisted Dying” resource.

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