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Weeks 49 & 50/2019 in the Death with Dignity Movement

December 16, 2019

In the two weeks from December 2 to December 15, 2019:

  • The Maine Beacon highlighted the efforts of Death with Dignity’s State Leadership Incubator Manager, Valerie Lovelace, to educate patients and providers about Maine’s new death with dignity law.
  • The Washington Post Magazine published an in-depth piece about one of the individuals who used Washington, D.C.’s death with dignity law.
  • Advocates for assisted dying made their voices heard in newspapers across the country.

Maine: After the Maine Death with Dignity Act took effect in September 2019, we turned our focus from campaigning for its passage to educating patients and providers about the requirements of the law. Our State Leadership Incubator Manager, Valerie Lovelace, a Maine resident, led our grassroots efforts to pass the law and is serving as a liaison between healthcare providers, patients, and state institutions. Learn more in this piece from the Maine Beacon.

Washington, D.C.: Tim Zimmerman’s mother was one of two people who used Washington, D.C.’s death with dignity law in 2018 to die peacefully, “ready to shed the anxiety, pain and humiliations that come with terminal lung cancer.” In a moving piece published last week in The Washington Post Magazine, he shares the story of his mother’s life, her illness, her decision to use the Washington Death with Dignity Act, and her journey to access the law. Read it here.

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