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Weeks 15 & 16/2019 in the Death with Dignity Movement

April 15, 2019

In the two weeks from April 1 to April 14, 2019:

  • New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed the Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act into law. As of August 1, when the law goes into effect, one in five Americans will have access to the assisted dying option.
  • The Health and Human Services Committee of the Maine State Legislature held a public hearing on LD 1313, an aid-in-dying bill. All major newspapers in the state editorialized in favor of the bill.
  • The Montana legislature once again rejected a bill that would have banned aid in dying in the state.
  • New York Governor Cuomo said he would sign an assisted dying bill.
  • The death with dignity bill in Connecticut was held in Committee (did not come up for a vote) and was effectively finished for the session.

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