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Fighting for Death with Dignity in D.C.

September 14, 2017

For the next three months, Washington, D.C. will be the front line of our fight to provide terminally ill Americans the option to die with dignity.

Last year, we helped pass the assisted dying law in the nation’s capital, bringing this vital end-of-life option to D.C. residents and adding to the momentum we’d built with recent victories in California and Colorado.

Today, D.C.’s law is up and running.

Congress Against Death with Dignity

But a few extreme voices in Congress are working overtime to take this victory away. The House of Representatives today voted to nullify the new law, overriding the wishes—and the rights—of D.C. voters. No, none of the Congressmen who voted to block the law actually live in Washington, D.C.!.

Will you help us win this fight by contributing $25 to help us defend the D.C. Death with Dignity Act?

Fight for Death with Dignity in D.C.

The fight to preserve our victory now moves to the Senate. We will be fighting every day, likely for months, to persuade Congress to stay out of D.C.’s business, support the right of Washingtonians to control their final days, and sustain our national momentum.

Fighting for D.C. and Beyond

We have to win this fight—and not just for D.C. Nullifying Washington, D.C.’s new law is just the first step for our opponents toward achieving their long-term goal: blocking Death with Dignity laws nationwide.

We can’t let a few extremists undo all the progress we’ve made in ensuring that qualified, terminally ill patients are able to decide when and how they die.

We are working to bring pressure to bear on Congress every day, through lobbying behind the scenes. We want to shine a light on this fight and make sure voters let their representatives in Congress know they’re watching and won’t tolerate having basic rights rolled back.

We’ll dedicate your gift of $25 or more to fighting for D.C. residents’ right to a dignified death.

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