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Good Life, Good Death book jacket

Good Life, Good Death: Memoir of an investigative reporter and pro-choice advocate
- Derek Humphry, 2008

 Your Right to Comfort, Calm, and Choice in the Last Days of Life--Book Jacket

To Die Well: Your Right to Comfort, Calm, and Choice in the Last Days of Life
- Sidney Wanzer, M.D., 2007

 A Call for Legalized Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill--Book Jacket

Patient-Directed Dying: A Call for Legalized Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill
- Tom Preston, M.D., 2006

The Good Euthanasia Guide book jacket

The Good Euthanasia Guide: Where, what, and who in choices in dying
- Derek Humphry, 2004

 The Case For Palliative Care And Patient Choice—Book Jacket Physician-Assisted Dying: The Case For Palliative Care & Patient Choice
- Timothy E. Quill, M.D. & Margaret P. Battin, Ph.D., 2004
Long Goodbye
- William H. Colby, 2002
Let Me Die Before I Wake book jacket

Let Me Die Before I Wake & Supplement to Final Exit
- Derek Humphry, 2002

Caring for Patients book jacket Caring for Patients at the End of Life
- Timothy E. Quill, M.D., 2001
Dying Right book jacket Dying Right: The Death with Dignity Movement
- Daniel Hillyard & John Dombrink, 2001
Physician's Guide book cover Physician's Guide to End-of-Life Care
- Lois Snyder & Timothy E. Quill, M.D., 2001
Freedom to Die book jacket

Freedom to Die: People, Politics, and the Right-to-Die Movement
- Derek Humphry, 2000

Congratulations book cover Congratulations... It's an Angel: The Gift to Talia
-Sandy Alemian-Goldberg , Helen & John (Illustrator), Linda V. Hewitt (Editor), 1999
The Complete Bedside Companion: No Nonsense Advice on Caring for the Seriously Ill
- Rodger MacFarlane & Philip Bashe, 1998
The Good Death The Good Death : The New American Search...
- Marilyn Webb, 1997
A Midwife Through the Dying Process book cover A Midwife Through the Dying Process: Stories of Healing and Hard Choices at the End of Life
-Timothy E. Quill, M.D., 1996
Final Exit book jacket

Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying
- Derek Humphry, 1992

Last Wish book cover Last Wish
- Betty Rollin, 1985
The Silent World of Doctor and Patient book cover The Silent World of Doctor and Patient
- Jay Katz & Alexander Morgan Capron, 1984
Jean's Way book jacket

Jean's Way
- Derek Humphry, 1978

Battin, Margaret P. Ethical Issues in Suicide, Prentice-Hall, 1995. Professor Battin examines suicide from almost every possible perspective. Chapter 7 deals with "physician-assisted suicide" as a public debate, an ethical issue, and a practical policy issue.

Battin, Margaret P. Least Worst Death: Essays in Bioethics on the End of Life, Oxford University Press, 1994. This book examines the whole spectrum of issues surrounding deaths by decision, including withdrawing and withholding treatment, euthanasia, and suicide. Chapter 13 contains a very thoughtful and important list of 17 questions that mental health professionals should ask when responding to a request for assistance in suicide.

Dworkin, Ronald. Life's Dominion: An Argument About Abortion, Euthanasia, and Individual Freedom, Knopf, 1993. Considered by many scholars to be the most important philosophical work on theses issues, Professor Dworkin's book examines the most basic issues surrounding questions of the "right to life" and the "right to die," including relevant court decisions and the constitutional debate.

Hillyard, Daniel and John Dombrink. Dying Right: The Death with Dignity Movement, Routledge, 2001. This 2001 release provides an overview of the Death with Dignity movement and highlights Oregon specifically. Hillyard navigates the complexities of the issue and explores the public policy implications.

Quill, Timothy E. Caring for Patients at the End of Life: Facing an Uncertain Future Together, Oxford University Press, 2001. Quill examines medical humanism and provides valuable information for practicing physicians, patients and families.

Quill, Timothy E. A Midwife Through the Dying Process: Stories of Healing and Hard Choices at the End of Life, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996. Quill explores the doctor-patient relationship in the context of end-of-life care.

Quill, Timothy E. Death and Dignity: Making Choices and Taking Charge, W.W. Norton & Co., 1993. An in-depth and detailed description of treatment options at the end of life. This book explains what options patients have and how to understand those options. Dr. Quill also explains why he helped a patient of his to die, rather than suffer intolerably with terminal leukemia, and why he believes that the practice of physician-assisted suicide must be regulated and not ignored.

Snyder, Lois and Timothy E. Quill. Physician's Guide to End-of-Life Care, American College of Physicians, 2001. Snyder and Quill take on the ethical, clinical and public policy challenges facing end-of-life care today.

Webb, Marilyn. The Good Death: The New American Search to Reshape the End of Life, Bantam Books, 1997. Webb provides a journalist's insight into our nation's search for death with dignity.

Werth, James L., Jr. Rational Suicide: Implications for Mental Health Professionals, Taylor & Francis, 1996. Contains results of the first research done on the professional beliefs and experience of mental health professionals in the area of rational suicide. Also contains a helpful section on the history of the debate in Western culture.

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