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Death with Dignity National Center is a 501(c)3, non-partisan, non-profit organization that has led the legal defense and education of the Oregon Death with Dignity Law for more than 11 years. Death with Dignity National Center is affiliated with the Oregon Death with Dignity Political Action Fund, a distinct and separate 501(c)4 entity responsible for the political defense of the Oregon law and the promotion of Death with Dignity initiatives in other states. Death with Dignity National Center's and Oregon Death with Dignity Political Action Fund's boards of directors are comprised of some of the Death with Dignity movement's most esteemed medical, legal and scholarly experts.

Members of the press, please direct your inquiries to our executive director, Peg Sandeen or via phone at 503-228-4415.

Below you will find our most recent press releases.

Holiday Greetings

Thank you for your commitment to Death with Dignity and to those individuals who have worked so hard for this right. It's been a remarkable year full of progress, and your support has made this possible.

Looking ahead to 2013, the Death with Dignity National Center is excited to continue helping our friends in Massachusetts, such as Jim Carberry pictured above; the dedicated advocates in Vermont; and people throughout the US as they raise their voices to demand Death with Dignity laws in their states.

From all of us here at the Death with Dignity National Center, we hope your holiday season is spent in the company of those you love.

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Massachusetts Voters Deny Rights to Terminally-Ill People

Massachusetts Question 2 election results: 49% (yes) to 51% (no)

Despite strong early support for Death with Dignity in Massachusetts the final vote tally didn't give more Americans another end-of-life option. In the end, the opponents' enormous smear campaign based on fear and misinformation won the day. But the foundation for support has been built, and we'll keep working to make sure voters in Massachusetts and other states get the facts they need for an open and honest debate about Death with Dignity.

Together, we've changed the entire conversation around end-of-life care policy reform. A little over a year ago, many people in Massachusetts and throughout New England started hearing about Death with Dignity laws for the first time, and since that time, the need for these carefully crafted laws has been a hot topic on television programs, news publications, blogs, editorial columns, and countless letters to editors.

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It's too close to call

Despite strong early support for Death with Dignity in Massachusetts the final vote tally is too close to call right now. Support is still strong, and however this election turns out, it'll continue to grow as more people learn the truth about Death with Dignity.

When Oregon voters first approved of the first groundbreaking Death with Dignity in 1994, it was also too close to call. The final result was 51.3% to 48.7%. Not since Washingtonians approved their state's Death with Dignity law in 2008 has another state come so close to passing the next Death with Dignity Act by ballot initiative. The recent efforts in Massachusetts have directly changed the national conversation around death, dying, and assisted death, and that is a huge step forward for our entire movement.

Everyone deserves to decide how to live the rest of their lives when death is near. We'll continue to move forward as people throughout the US join their voices together to demand more end-of-life options. The Death with Dignity National Center will stand with them, just as we did this year in Massachusetts, in Washington in 2008, and 18 years ago in Oregon.

Keep checking here, Twitter, or Facebook for the latest news about Massachusetts.

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Lies, lies, lies!

Opponents' False Advertising care of Dignity 2012

Opponents of Death with Dignity are at it again. Like they did in Oregon in 1994 and 1997 and in Washington in 2008, they're running an enormous smear campaign centered around lies and half-truths to scare people away from end-of-life care policy reform. Don't be fooled. These laws have been in effect in two states—15 years in Oregon, no less—and there's not been a single incident to back up any of their claims.

They rely on lies because we live in a country with separation of church and state, and they know they can't convince people to go along with their true reason for being against these laws—their own religious beliefs. If there's any doubt about the source of their objection, check out the largest backers of the opponents in Massachusetts. Two of them, the American Family Association and the American Principles Project, are fringe, anti-gay groups, and the bulk of the rest of the donations came from Catholic Dioceses throughout the US.

If you haven't caught their misdirection attempts, here are some of the highlights from the recent efforts in Massachusetts:

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Leonard Nimoy Supports Death with Dignity

Leonard Nimoy

I'm known for playing a character lacking in emotion, but this issue is about human compassion for those suffering and dying. It's maybe the most important issue you've not heard much about, Death with Dignity.

-Leonard Nimoy, in a PSA he did to help the Massachusetts effort

Seeing Leonard Nimoy's video about the Massachusetts Death with Dignity initiative warmed my heart (you can view the whole video on Dignity 2012's Facebook page). Nimoy hails from Boston, and with his celebrity and commitment to improving end-of-life options in his home state, he'll help many others understand what it means to die with dignity.

As he says in the opening sequence of the video, Death with Dignity laws aren't part of people's lives most of the time. Heck, as a society we're really good at avoiding even the general topic of death the majority of the time. For those not in a field related to end-of-life care, death happens to force its way into people's consciousness only periodically—when writing a student essay about it, facing death as a loved one dies, or contemplating mortality because of a single experience or diagnosis. But what if death were discussed more often?

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