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At Death’s Door

Karen Kaplan headshot

This guest post by Karen Kaplan originally appeared in Expired and Inspired, the blog of Kavod v'Nichum. Read our open call for guest posts →


Karen Kaplan in 1992 became one of the the first 200 female rabbis in the world. In 2007 she became a board-certified chaplain and served in hospices on the East Coast for 7 years. She is the author of the book Encountering The Edge: What People Told Me Before They Died. Free of religious agendas, the book consists of true stories about her hospice patients and what they most cared about and believed in (the book is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold, as a softcover, ebook and starting in July 2015, as an audiobook; excerpts and reviews are available at publisher's site). Just days before this guest post came to press, Karen was pleased to announce the release of her audiobook version of Encountering the Edge. Karen also blogs at Offbeat Compassion.

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Why Religiously Unaffiliated Americans Support Death with Dignity

Sarah Levin headshot

This is a guest post by Sarah Levin (the subheadings are ours). Read our open call for guest posts →


Sarah Levin is the Legislative Associate at the Secular Coalition for America, where she oversees the Secular Coalition's state chapter program. She is passionate about the constitutional separation of church and state and grassroots organizing. Sarah graduated from American University cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in International Studies. Follow the Secular Coalition for America @seculardotorg.

When Tom Manger stood up to testify in support of the End of Life Options Act in Sacramento, he spoke on behalf of all religiously unaffiliated Californians who share his belief in the right of “each individual to face their inevitable death on their own terms - without interference from others.”

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Rage No More II: My Beautiful Right

Portrait of Kiki Denee

Death with Dignity as an issue extends well past the media and popular discourse alone. Increasingly, artists reach out to us with various projects. The poem below appeared on our Facebook page, posted by the author KiKi Denee. Read our open call for guest posts →


When to decide
It was a good fight
And, it’s time
And, it’s ok.
Valiantly go into the unknown.

When to decide
To look forward
To walk on
March on
and surrender.
Resolutely journey into the unknown.
The Dark Night.

I’ve caught and sang the sun
in flight [i]
I’ve seized and danced the moon
at night.
I’ve grabbed and tasted the earth
when ripe.
I’ve burned and raved my life away.
A disgusting, dirty, dying cliché.

I welcome you, Beautiful Night.
I will Rage No More against
My Beautiful Right.

[i] Thomas, Dylan. (1951). "Do not go gentle into that good night."

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Sound Evidence over Sound Bites

Book cover of Dying with Dignity

This is a guest post by Dr. Giza Lopes (the subheadings and links are ours). Read our open call for guest posts →


Giza Lopes, PhD, is an assistant professor at the School of Criminal Justice at the State University of New York at Albany. She is the author of Dying with Dignity: A Legal Approach to Assisted Death, published by Praeger earlier this year.

This year advocacy efforts to legalize death with dignity in the United States have achieved unprecedented momentum. Over half of the state legislatures are entertaining bills largely patterned after the Oregon experience, many for the first time. Just last week, the Golden State’s Senate advanced a bill that, if approved by the Assembly, could give terminally ill Californians the right to end their life with the aid of a doctor.

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Maine's Death with Dignity Bill Clears the Joint Standing Committee for Health and Human Services

This is a report from last Friday's working session at the Maine Joint Standing Committee for Health and Human Services by our long-time supporter and volunteer, Valerie Lovelace.


Valerie Lovelace is the executive director of the nonprofit It's My Death, which she founded to honor a promise to her sister Dee, dying of cancer, "to teach others how to be with dying, how to speak and listen to one another the way we had learned to speak and listen, and how to go on even when afraid." She is an inter-faith minister, ordained by calling, studying and practicing in the traditions of her elders and teachers, who are Native American, Christian, and Buddhist. She is a hospice volunteer, artist, and the parent of three adult children. She is also a homeopathic practitioner and a Reiki Master, retired from the U.S. Navy, and a trained EMT. She lives in Maine.

The 127th Maine legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services approved LD 1270, An Act Regarding Patient Self-Directed Care at End of Life, on May 22, 2015 by a vote of 7 to 5 in a working session lasting less than one hour. Twelve of the committee’s thirteen members were present for the session.

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