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UMass Poll Shows Support for Death with Dignity

UMass Poll Logo
UMass Poll Logo

Between October 2-8, YouGov America interviewed 498 registered voters in Massachusetts for a new poll released by the University of Massachusetts, and it showed high levels of support for the Massachusetts Death with Dignity initiative. The survey found 65% of the registered voters would vote yes on the Death with Dignity initiative. As is standard, the question posed to respondents is identical to what'll appear on the ballot:

"Massachusetts Ballot Question 2: Prescribing Medication to End Life"

"Based on what you know about this issue, would you vote YES or NO on Issue 2 to allow a terminally-ill patient to request a physician to prescribe medication to end their life, or don't you know enough about this to say?"

Yes......................................... 65%
No ......................................... 19%
Undecided............................... 17%

Though polls continue to show support Death with Dignity in Massachusetts, it's important to keep in mind opponents of improved end-of-life options will stop at nothing to spread misinformation. They even accepted sizable donations from the American Family Association, a registered hate group, and other organizations working to restrict rights of all Americans.

These groups have a long history of spreading lies about life options they disagree with on moral grounds. What would you do to make sure people get the truth about Death with Dignity laws? Please consider a gift today.

Posted on October 11, 2012 in Massachusetts, New England, Press Room


Posted by kitty o"meara (not verified) on October 12, 2012 at 07:10 p.m.

I am a supporter! I am a retired Rn, the last eight years of 35 years experience was in Hospice Care.
I recently volunteered for the Center of aging in california and was shocked and disappointed that they had minimal/none interest in that issue of Health Care Directive Law! They serving the aging in society, expecially those in long term care facilitys...It's a shocker. Good luck with your wonderful work,thanks,Kitty

careVery upsetting...I really want to work with people on Health Advanced Directives per

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