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Death with Dignity Ahead in the Polls

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The Boston Globe conducted a statewide public opinion poll which demonstrated slightly more support for the Massachusetts Death with Dignity initiative than was seen in previous polls. This poll was conducted by the Survey Center at the University of New Hampshire between Sept. 21-27, and found 68% of likely voters would vote yes on the Death with Dignity initiative.The poll question was slightly different from other recent polling surveys, but similar to how it'll appear on the ballot:

"I'd like to turn to an issue that will be on the ballot in November. Issue 2 concerns allowing a person who is terminally ill to request a physician to help them end their life. The proposed law would require that the person have an incurable disease and have six months or less to live, voluntarily request a physician's assistance in ending their life, and be medically determined to be mentally capable of making the decision to end their life. A YES vote on Issue 2 would enact the law allowing a physician to prescribe medication, at the request of a terminally-ill patient, to end that person's life. A NO vote would make no change in existing laws."

"Based on what you know about this issue, would you vote YES or NO on Issue 2 to allow a terminally-ill patient to request a physician to prescribe medication to end their life, or don't you know enough about this to say?"

Yes......................................... 68%
No ......................................... 20%
Undecided............................... 12%

This is the fifth poll released since March, 2012, and every one so far has reported support for Death with Dignity in Massachusetts. In partnering with Dignity 2012, we're working hard to make sure Bay Staters continue to get the facts about this end-of-life option.

After all, the key to new Death with Dignity laws is an informed public. Your tax-deductible donation will help people in all states learn more about this critical end-of-life option. Please consider a gift today.

Posted on October 3, 2012 in Massachusetts, New England, Press Room


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