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This Week in the Movement

Throughout the week, we keep people up-to-date with information about the Death with Dignity movement and other topics related to end-of-life care through Facebook and Twitter. Below are highlights from this week.

Efforts regarding Death with Dignity:

  • Last Friday's ruling by the British Columbia Supreme Court regarding assisted death continued to dominate news. Check out our summary of the ruling.
  • The Globe and Mail's AndrĂ© Picard, in his piece "The importance of picking a vocabulary for dying" wrote, "Calling medically assisted dying suicide is a lot like calling surgery a knife attack."
  • Gloria Taylor, a plaintiff in the BC case, was granted a constitutional exception allowing her to request assistance in dying. She held an emotional press conference on Monday.

Discussions about death, dying, and grieving:

  • Better end-of-life care begins with open and honest conversations about death and dying. This UK doctor called on doctors to step up and lead this culture shift.
  • Checklists were a revelation in improving the safety of surgeries, and now a Harvard group is going to test the effectiveness of checklists to help make sure terminally ill patients get the end-of-life care they desire.
  • Thinking about treatment goals when documenting and discussing your end-of-life care wishes can help guide your loved ones through the tough decisions they might make on your behalf.
Posted on June 22, 2012 in In the News


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